WE NOW HAVE TWO HOUR PARKING ON THE WEST SIDE OF THE BUILDING. As we are undergoing city mandated construction, we have recently had to move our parking stalls to the lot behind the SOBOW sales centre. Access to the new parking lot can be accessed if you go through the traffic circle past the sales centre on the right side of the street. You will see the parking lot right after the sales centre. There are 6 parking stalls designated for clinic use and in addition, there are over 100 public parking stalls in Pierce Island Park at the end of the street. You are welcome to park in either parking lot. Please note that parking in the stalls reserved for visitor parking with a permit for the condo may result in a parking ticket. Please come in the first doors facing north towards Pearce Estate Park. **We now have a code to get in just punch in 44422# in the key pad next to buzzer.** If for some reason the code doesn't work please Buzz in with the little silver buzzer to the left when you arrive as the door is temporarily locked. Go to the left and up the staircase and you will see the clinic on the right side when you come up the stairs.

The Healing Bridge & Integrative Health Centre

201-17 Inglewood Park SE, Calgary, AB, T2G 0M2


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